Getting rid of old Computers / Computer Parts?!

Hi there,

well - I am in the middle of another DAW upgrade, because of that I “stepped” over tons of old computer parts, hardware and stuff…

In older days I usually found some use for old and outgrown computers - office system, computers for sisters, girlfriends and what the heck… But in fact I don’t need a Tyan Dual Opteron Office System as well as I stopped providing people with computers because I don’t have the time to give 24/7 support - in the same time I had much less trouble since my sister switched to a cute Macbook ^^

Does it make any sence trying to sell for example an Adaptec U2W SCSI card which was about 500-1000 bucks 10-12 years ago - or that 9 GB (!!) SCSI IBM Drive which was about that price as well… Today I buy a 1TB HD which is blazing fast and quiet in the same time for 45 bucks…

Does it make sence trying to sell a highly specialized computer system “at once” - who will need that configuration? Or better put anything seperately back in original boxes and trying to sell that instead?

Well, basically I don’t have the time to sell dozens of parts for just peanuts. In this case it would be more effective to just dump it somewhere… Just getting rid, making room for other stuff… But it feels not good to do that, so much money and time spend with and for those things years ago.

So… what do YOU guys do with old computers, computer parts?


1 use it for older operating systems (open an old Cubase/Nuendo project for example with not supported plugins)
2 use it for additional “horse power” with VST-Systemlink for example



Thanks, Chris,

  1. Yes, of course! I usually keep the “before” DAW as a backup - full installed, not taking anything out exept the Audiohardware / UAD / PoCo - if something breaks I can go on with session (maybe not mixing but recording) just swapping computers… Two older P4 systems are in use for a) Master CD buring / checking (does enable me to work on on the Main DAW) - and

  2. FX Teleport / Gigastudio. But unfortunately I can’t use Teleport on Win7/64bit anymore…

But there are still tons of discontinued/unused things over here… I have the feeling that it is the most easiest thing to just dump it…

Hi Brandy,
I put one older computer in the vocal booth and use it with VNC to get a remote controlled Daw. I can then record myself. Another use is to get synched video for the voice talent doing dubbing (and rehearsing) with Chaingang.
An older computer is used for internet, printing & scanning for free access in the lounge.
An even older one can be used to get Pinguin stand alone machine (great with a small lcd it looks like a hardware unit).

Geting rid of spare parts is a waste of time unless you just bought them and resell them at 50% value I reckon.

PS : this bit I copy pasted from the FX-Max forum should help you finding some use for your teleport/Gigastudio machine :
“In my configuration (1 host windows 7/64 bit and 2 slaves windows 7/32 bit) I got it to work properly as 32 bit application.
I had to do following: set compatibility as winxp sp-2, run host and servers as administrator, disable aero and similar graphic effect”

Bifop, thanks - cool post! :slight_smile:

Oh yes - I forgot about that chaingang thing! Maybe I will set up something like that one day…

That VNC thing… I did experiments with that over 10 years ago, before building my studio - cause as a drummer I wanted to record myself, I installed a 30m Crosslink Lan-Cable to connect my rehearsal room with my appartement - seperated by a garden :slight_smile: But it was pretty complicated and non-satisfiying back those days, very very slow grafix and completely unusable meters…

Is VNC still around and compatible with modern DAWs/Computers? Maybe you can share some information about your workflow here…? Sounds interesting - because I am still in the same bad situation when it comes to “selfrecording”. Of course I will use a Laptop for the remote system…

Thanks for the Teleport hint, I browsed that forum recently but all I read was that everyone is waiting for V2 and in the same time there is no response from the developer anymore…

Oh - and what I forgot to tell - same here, I own the Pinguin Audiometer and I have set it up standalone with a nice 15’’ TFT as well - looks great and is my third ear… :sunglasses:


Hi Brandy,
I use Ultra VNC, a newer, 64 bits friendly version.
It has an accelerated video driver and it doesn’t close the user session like Windows 7 & Xp’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) do.
Try it.

I forgot to say I use an “old” (core2duo) computer for file server as well. There are plenty of use for previous generation comps if you have a recording or post facility, which is your case…

@Evil, Nuendo 3.2 is supported on Windows 7/64bits, just use the latest synchrosoft driver and it’ll work.

I have nearly a quarter of a million $ of gear in my storage room that is not being used, anymore. A few PCs are not much of a bother…lol…
I use them up as secondary sytems, office PCs, spare PCs, spareparts carrier and, finally, as playground for my son, who thinks he can make his own “Super Computer”. He will be pretty miffed, when he finds out that he is on a wrong track.
If nobody else wants the remains, they end in the recycling depot.

I want to go to the BIG K jumble sale (car boot sale - you have those in Germany in the summer? It’s one of our saddest weekend passtimes where you can buy other peoples garbage, lol)