Getting Rid of Unwanted Instrument Numbers

How do I get rid of unwanted instrument numbers?

To explain: This is my first major project in Dorico 2. I have created the project by importing several MIDI files, which became separate flows. In importing the files Dorico has (arbitrarily, as far as I can see) assigned different instrument numbers to what I consider to be different instances of the same instrument. For example, there is only one marimba in the score, but in various flows, Dorico has labeled it “Marimba 1”, “Marimba 2”, “Marimba 3”, or “Marimba 4”. In no instance does more than one marimba occur in a given flow. Other instruments are labeled in a similar fashion. I want all instances of the marimba throughout the score to be simply labeled “Marimba”. How do I achieve this?

The cleanest way is to laboriously cut and paste the music from Marimbas 2-4 to Marimba 1, then delete the players (and part layouts) for Marimbas 2-4. At that point, Marimba 1 will no longer be numbered.

The other way is to put each Marimba player in a group, from the left panel of Setup mode. This will prevent the numbering, but you’ll have to ensure that you add all of the Marimba players to the same part layout, you may need to override some wacky layout names (Marimba & Marimba & Marimba & Marimba?).

When you import a MIDI file into an existing document, there’s an option to use existing players where possible, or to create new ones. Looks like you created a new one each time. You could do the import again, choosing existing players, or follow Leo’s advice and paste the notes into just one player.

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If you want to give the different marimbas different characteristics in various flows, can you get rid of the numbers?

As I already said, you can put each Marimba in a group in Setup mode. There’s a nastier workaround which involves adding empty spaces to the name of each Marimba (“Marimba”, " Marimba", " Marimba", " Marimba") but groups are easier.

I previously moved all of the marimbas to a single player. I tried creating a group consisting of only that player, but that did not affect the numbering. I’m not sure what you mean about adding all of the marimbas to one part layout. There is only one part layout called “Marimba,” as there is only one player called “Marimba.” The player “Marimba,” which includes all of the numbered marimbas, is already assigned to the layout “Marimba.”

Right, and as you’ve discovered, your method hasn’t fixed the problem. I suggest you try one of the methods I provided.

I did. I tried creating a group and that did nothing. I’m creating new players/instruments and cutting and pasting, which is extremely tedious, but working.

You need to put each Marimba in a separate player, and then put each Marimba in a separate group, if you want to use that method.