Getting score to 'turn the page' slightly before the cursor when recording a song

I’m a lowly community choir leader and educator, not a professional singer nor adept at techie language, so please keep any reply in language suitable for a dummy!

I often need to make tutor tracks for my singers & students - I have the score open on one screen while I’m recording an audio track on the other screen. I have the world’s worst memory for lyrics, so the music often gets to the bottom of the page and I have no idea what word is coming next. Because it only ‘turns the page’ at the moment the cursor arrives at the bottom of the page, I frequently stumble, get the word wrong, and have to re-record a section. Is there a way I can tell Cubase to turn the page a second or two early? After all - in the real world - any experienced musician when reading music is always, always looking at least a few notes ahead, if not a few bars. A way to set this up would be invaluable for me. Thank you!
Sorry for the very untechie language. I’ve been using Cubase for about 25 years, and still have no idea how most of it works. Embarrassing, to say the least!

I’m afraid there is no such setting.

Why don’t you just put an aide-mémoire in the last measure of the page?
Just write down the upcoming lyrics using the Text tool.

Another opportunity how this could be solved in the future would be a “Stationary Cursor” like the one available in the key editor.
This would certainly not work well in page mode of the score editor, but in simple mode, as well as in the lower Zone of the project window, it should be feasible.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m usually recording with the score in edit mode, not page mode - I record before I’ve finalised the score because it’s often not until I’m trying to record the thing that I realised I’ve done an impossibly awkward word setting or an unwelcome tongue-twister or something!

Thanks though!

PAT, thanks, I’ll take a look at that option. I’ve never intentionally used it - though sometimes by accident - so perhaps that would be a good solution.

Thanks to both you and Maestro for taking the time. Very much appreciated!


What you could do is use a software like SongBook for the iPad and use a foot switch. They make wireless foot controllers that are bluetooth. I think it might work with the Mac too but would have to try it.

Thank you Garymusic. That could well be a way to go. Much appreciated! :+1:

Another approach would be to make a dummy* copy of the Track(s) you use for the score. Don’t hook this up to anything or have it play. Then drag all the MIDI Parts on the dummy Track one bar (or however much you prefer) to the left so it ‘plays’ earlier. Now if you use this copy to view the score it should change pages a bar early. Of course the cursor will also not be aligned to the music you hear.

*see what I did there


Wow! Such a clever idea, but so simple. I think you’ve found the best solution - thank you so much. :grinning::musical_score: