Getting spam in steinberg emails?

I am getting pharmstore messages from posting notifications in the cubase 6 features/nuendo 5.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Actually, I am getting them in a lot of different nuendo post notification emails.

new revenue stream for steinberg?

Hey guys,

this should not happen. I’ll inform our webteam.


Hey - just so you are aware timo, I’ve had tonnes of emails today (August 2) regarding nuendo 5.5 edu (I don’t have an edu license at al) in german (I have all english settings) - total amount looks like it settled on 688.

My work account has been DOWN and COLLAPSED! Almost 300 emails in 2 minutes!!! WTF!!

We are very sorry for this! Something went seriously wrong over night and we have stopped the activation code distribution for Nuendo 5.5 licenses now. It will be back online as soon as we have identified and fixed the issue.

Again, sorry for flooding your inboxes!

WTF?? I know, I know… the update is out, but did I need to receive about 200+ emails including activation codes!
Still getting more, can someone shut down the system please?

That will be fun to delete on my Android 2.1 phone, no “empty trash can” for exchange server connections, that needs to be done one by one… ha!


I only got 300 emails. But I am at least sure I can read the activation code :slight_smile:

Cool… just imagine its all fan post.

BTW; in between of the NEK and Nuendo codes, some unknown “rich guy” from overseas wants to send me a 15 Million Dollars bank transfer. Just have to send him my account infos… this seems to be my lucky day! :wink:


So far I’ve had about 580 and it’s still happening, not huge bunches, but everytime I open my email account two or three more pop up, all in german.This is at 7:00 am in Ontario Canada. Just turn it off already getting to be a pita. take care Logan

Really sorry about that. It has been switched of a couple of hours ago. Maybe it’s because of the mail provider holding back some of those emails for a certain amount of time?

It is safe now to register my N5 (purchased weeks ago) and upgrade to 5.5?

In my MySteinberg account I have multiple activation codes. I picked one and used it, but it now shows Nuendo as educational. I would like to know how to fix that!!!


Same here. My 5.5 is now educational. Does it make any difference?

Has there been an answer regarding the “educational” license questions? I haven’t performed the update yet, but my emails also show that my license is now educational.


It’s only a mail problem.
Proper licenses are to be found in youir MySteinberg account.


When I attempt to use the codes from the MySteinberg account, both indicate that it is for “Educational” version. I did not update using the codes, as I do not want to convert my current Nuendo license into an “Educational” license.


Ranger Jay