Getting Started videos or instructions?

I have just bought GA4.

Are there any resources anywhere that can tell me how to get this VST past first base?

I can’t make head nor tail of it. I have seen the Steinberg vids on Youtube which always start with one agent or another loaded, the vintage kit for example. So great, I understand the basics of the controls etc, once there is something to work on. But I have no idea how to load a kit. In the media bay, I can get to here

No matter where I click everything remains greyed out - there is nothing to load. If I look by category and not name three are only 3 categories and 8 things to choose from. If I then go ‘load program into selected slot’ nothing happens.
If I choose say vintage kit from the kit panel and then drums and percussion in the media bay, same result, nothing, nada, rien, sweet FA.GA4c

I have reinstalled it 3 times, including the content, so where is it?

And I thought Cubase was frustrating!

Groove3 has a video tutorial for purchase

Here is a tutorial on GA 4SE that should be helpful too

It looks like Groove Agent 4 didn’t install correctly. I recommend uninstalling “Steinberg Groove Agent 4” and “Steinberg Groove Agent Content”, then install it again.

Look for your VST sound folder, it is usually on the C: drive somewhere like C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content

If you moved any of these files, you can have an issue with GA4 finding the content. I moved my folder and had to create links to the destination folder.

Thank you all for your help - I have done yet another full reinstall from the disks, not the download link, and I can now get kits loaded. I’m still a bit puzzled by the way this is handled in GA4. The blurb says there are 104 kits, 101 electronic and the three acoustic ones, but which kit you get in the electronic category is based upon ‘style’ rather choosing a specific kit. I suppose I will get used to it.

But now I have come across another rather puzzling issue and I shall post another thread about that. It’s MIDI related.