Getting Started with CUBASE

There are more than a few posts on the internet about the frustrations some users have getting started with Cubase. I get it. In the beginning, I felt the same way and I also worked with Pro Tools and Audacity concurrently, and found them no easier.

Cubase won me over, as once I started to learned how to use it, I preferred it, I like the tools it comes with for drums and instruments, and best of all it is cost effective if you choose to upgrade. Being a somewhat tech challenged 69 year old I have had some self-generated-issues with software downloads. Tech support has been very helpful and I would give them a AAA rating. You have to be patient, and polite as some things take time to sort out. Michael Lang I really appreciated your advice.

My goal was to be able to record the songs I write, in the context of a 5 piece rock/country style band comfortably. After an 18 month learning curve, I achieved that and I am moving around Cubase quite freely with the click of a mouse. Best of all my finished projects sound great and the learning process has been very satisfying.

My only recommendation is the beginner online tutorials need to dummy things down. There is nothing more visually intimidating than seeing the tutorial for a simple subject that has 15 brightly coloured tracks on the huge curved monitor and a presenter who thinks in 15 tracks, when most of us starting out are looking for 3 or four instruments with a lead vocal and maybe some harmony.
Andrew Block Vancouver Canada