Getting strange Digital dropout

I’m getting a strange digital dropout, the first time a sound is played in Groove Agent The Kit. Tried several workarounds. The sound appear on mixdown and first time song is being played. The song start with a snare fill and the first sound is just a “poff” and no actual snare sound. Tried without any insert on any groove agent channel, but there’s the “poff” on mixdown, even with a mixdown where’s there is only the The Kit drumset. It’s most audible on the snare, but the hihat, bass drum and toms also seem to have different degree of audible “poffs” First time they are being played. I have exported the mixer to Cubase. And changed every possible asio setting. And this is really, really taking toll on my workflow and starting to annoy me seriously since I can’t do a proper mixdown without this problem. I’ve had this problem on a few other projects, and contacted you about it before, but got no sollution to solve the problem. Please Help! This is serious proffesional job halting.

Thank You!

Hardware. Steinberg UR242. Intel I9-9900. Memory ddr4 16gb.
Software. Windows 10, Cubase 12