Getting Tempo system text and colored notes after adding a piano player

This flow started out as a simple Lead Sheet with only a treble clef. I added a piano player, copied the melody from the Lead Sheet into the piano’s treble clef and entered chords into the piano’s bass clef. Now I’m seeing this orange system text, “T††”. In Write mode, a dashed orange line extends from “T††” into the treble clef bar containing a whole rest.

I’ve also got some melody notes now that are colored maroon, but I have no idea why or what it means.

Both things happened since added a piano player.

Can anyone tell me what’s going on here? Thanks.


We’re unlikely to be able to guess from just a description. If you post a project where these things are happening, we can figure it out.

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Maroon is usually the color if the notes are out of the „normal to play“ range before they are red.

Yes, I confirmed that in the documentation. Thank you.

Appears with Signposts turned off. How do I hide these system marks?

You don’t include the whole screen, so I can’t say for sure, but it looks to me like that’s simply a text item you’ve input in the score. Switch to Write mode and delete it.

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The dashed orange line is simply indicating its attachment point (telling you which beat the text belongs to).

The grey dashed lines are crosshairs, which you can’t hide on the iPad, I believe.

Because I had marked the other one Solved, and I shouldn’t have posted 2 problems in the same message in the first place. My error.

Your suggestion of selecting and deleting it worked. I had tried that already with the trash can and it didn’t work. This time I was in Full Score Layout. Maybe I was in the wrong Layout when I tried it? Thanks, Daniel!

The dashed line was why I thought it was a Tempo mark, that and its orange color. It’s gone now. Thanks for your input.

You can’t delete items from your music when you’re in Engrave mode, you can only delete music in Write mode.

Ah ha So you can move items around in Engrave mode but not delete them. That’s why I couldn’t remove those characters.

Thank you for setting me straight on that, Lillie.