Getting the result of the midi insert

Hello guys, I don’t know if I choose the right name for this post but it’s ok! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…I’ve created midi channel.

I’ve inserted 3 notes with a certain length.

I’ve inserted the “Chorder” Midi Insert.

Now I am hearing chords instead of notes.

My question is: I want to transform this notes into the chords that the "Chorder"Midi insert are creating. How can I do that?

Set Left and Right Locators to the beginning and end of the MIDI Part (you’ll probably want to Solo that MIDI track), select a destination MIDI track, then MIDI Menu>“Merge MIDI in Loop”, checkmarking the option “Include Inserts”.

Depending on your specific need, “Freeze MIDI Modifiers…” may also work.
The difference is that it works for an entire, single track whereas “Merge MIDI in loop…” can do multiple tracks and you can discriminate between the locators.
EDIT: Oh yeah, the Freeze MIDI Modifiers will replace your original part, too. Page 368.

I use MIDIyoke (google to find) for capturing all sorts of modified midi streams. Basically you set the output of the track you are using chorder on to one of the 16 MIDIyoke channels and set another track’s input to the same MIDIyoke channel and record the output on this 2nd track. This kind of setup gives you a ton of flexibility when processing midi.

Thank you very much guys for the help…the “Merge Midi in Loop” did what I wanted…thank you very much!