getting tired steinberg policies

i have been with cubase for many years, i rearly comment on forums.
im really getting tired of steinberg ideology.
helm is a freeware 32bit/64bit vst plugin. i installed it just like a few other freeware plugins
that are perfect for example. to quickly set up a idea song .
however steinberg in its great power decides that freeware/donationware vst
are BOLLOCKS and so when cubase installs it inhibits them from installing.
feels like cubase is turning into virus checker software than a product to really help the user to
explore his/her full potential.

so why havent i left cubase?
i feel im in a trap. i first learnt to use cubase from way back in time and never looked at another DAW and
when i do use other DAW’s im automatically judgememtal against them, quickly retire them and return to the
the devil that i know. but even this devil is pushing me overboard.

is jbridge really good and is it worth buying for 5 free ware plugins.
their are so many mix reviews about it.

That compatebility issue has bin a constant since the mid 90s.

I bin on daws for over 20 years. I have seen companies come and go. Systems come and go.
It is marketing, get the most proffit, lure in the crowds and leave/get rid of expenses or gear that don’t meet expectations. Research the market, ask questions and build the next product that will make business grow.

That leaves us consumers cout in the middle of companies compeating over oure cash.

Steinberg has bin a steady developer of software. You know what you get. That is a big “+” if you ask me.
What we are seeing now is just steinberg, putting the bill for 32 bit support over to other companies. Simply saving cost. In about a year you will see all other companies that make profit on the steinberg platform, upgrade their plugins to 64 bit.

But then there is all the old left behinde 32 bit plugins. Wich work great on older systems, but they lost the competition on the sales marked. So abandon for any futhure upgrade.

Well then you have a new marked for developers to crave some cash. So then you get jbridge.
I bought it caus I do have old plugins wich I spent alot of cash on (powercore). And it is a bridge to get old working with the new software. It works just fine. And it is worth it if you need the 32 bit suport.

All in all. What ever software platform you chose, you will face issues with upgrades and compatebility.

But it sounds to me, like jbridge will be good cash spent for you, so you get a “grace” periode, while waiting on the 64 bit plugs to fit the bill. If you dont want to use older cubase.

How can you expect Steinberg to continue to make Cubase more advanced if you also expect them to continue to support outdated technology for more than a decade? The two things are in opposition with each other. If you want the latest and greatest, then you have to do it across the board… OS, plugins, and DAW. If you like an outdated OS or outdated plugins, there’s an outdated version of Cubase for you that will still run perfectly.