Getting to know Artist11

Very,very new to all this. Not even sure if this is where I ask my question. Here goes. Not long bought Artist11 after fair knowledge of SX3. When I move events/parts vertically I lose position. Quantize is on. Also when I import from the Pool into the Project a new track is created. I’d rather import to a track I nominate.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Hold down Ctrl/Cmd to constrain direction, while dragging.

Snap should be enabled to keep it in the Grid. Of course, then it depends on the Grid settings.

Drop it to the existing track. This will place the Audio Event to the track. If you drop it bellow all tracks, new track has been created.

Thanks Martin for replying to my queries and thanks for the welcome to the forum.
I’m on Windows 10 with a PC.
When I hold down Ctrl while trying to move a part vertically without losing position a speaker symbol appears on the part and Cubase begins to play.
Also when I try to " insert into project at curser " from the Pool a new track is created when I’d rather the file go to a nominated track.
Thanks, Tony.


Sorry, first start to move the Audio event, then hold the Ctrl modifier.

It’s like this since ever, isn’t it?