Getting "Video Format Not Supported" with Dorico 4

When I attempt to import and MP4 into a flow, I get the message “the video format is not supported”. I also tried that same video in MOV and AVI. I even made sure that the Frame Rate and Audio setting were compatible.

What I do not get when I import the file is the Video Properties Dialog box.


Thank you in advance. BTrumpetBC

How do you try to import your video? I ask, before I wasted time trying to drag and drop. But you have to right click the flow, and attach a video. Hope it helps.

Hi Marc,

Exactly, this is what I did too. It is not Dorico.

The last project’s video I did worked. So, it was definitely the file (and I can blame the video editing software). All I needed to do was top and tail the band’s video to align things up and prepare an arrangement for a recording session using my skeleton track.

BUT, I found a work around which is better. Thank you Greg Ondo for his Cubase Hangout’s.

Use Cubase. What I did was import the video into my Cubase project and aligned the video to the skeleton track. Then I top and tailed the video, aligned it to my skeleton track and Exported the video. Fantastic, it worked.

Lip synch alignment was not necessary as my ultimate goal was to get my Cubase Audio skeleton track into Dorico to write and score out the arrangement.

I am a very happy man, because I have a workflow to use Cubase and Dorico together…

Cheers for coming back to me.