Ghange color on frames project window

Hi, Is any chans to change color on frames in project window, I think they are to black for me? Cubase 10.5.20


What kind of frame exactly do you mean, please?

Hi I try add an image but I don’t know how to do that, but I mean all frams around arrange window, the area under tracks are also black, I have a demo of 10.5. My own version is 8.40 there all frames is blue gray.


Do you mean Preferences > User Interface > Color Scheme > Custom Color Scheme? Most on the top in the list.

I don’t see I can change any frames there! See my image, I don’t vant all the black.

click on the color and change it

what you call frames is the basic color used


Maybe an arrow (or a circle or a dot) to the exact place on your picture would help. Do you mean the black frame/border then? If yes, you cannot change this.

I am sorry that not can change those black frame/border! Ugly contrast!

so what is the frame? the general color is changable with limitations…

Hi! How did you do that? It looks like the way I want!


This is the Custom Color Scheme preferences, I described.

Hi! Now I have found how I can change all the black borders and background to the tracks etc. It was the custom color seheme I thought that was a headline only!