Ghost arppagiator - where is it coming from

I’ve got a strange situation. I had a crash and had to reboot my PC. Now, whatever VSTi I insert is being arpeggiated when I play from my master controller (Kurzwseil K2500) and I can’t figure out where it is coming from. There is nothing inserted in the MIDI inserts in the inspector. I’ve restarted Cubase in safe mode - still happening. I’ve reset my master controller in case it was sending something, it’s not.

Anyone have any idea where else I can look - something has to be generating it? It’s probably something simple but I can’t find it.


PC i7 - 16gigs - Cubase 8 Pro - MOTU Midi Express - Steinberg CI2+

Just a thought,

Have you got any inserts in the mix (stereo out) bus?

Jim B

I’m pretty sure I don’t but will check it when I get home along with any other suggestions others may have.

It’s very odd. Is the arpeggio consistently the same, up, down, whatever?

I have no idea what is causing it but you could try another DAW, say Reaper. If the problem then persists I would reinstall your sound card driver. Can’t do any harm,

ETA: be sure to clear the registry of all references the old driver before reinstalling. Hope that helps.

Yes, it is always the same pattern. I have Reaper installed on my box and will try it (didn’t occur to me to try that). Reinstalling MIDI / Audio interface drivers is not a bad idea as well.

Something I didn’t mention above - when the machine crashed, I was using an arpeggiated patch in Omnisphere 2 and that this must somehow be related. However, I though starting Cubase in safe mode would have taken care of that sort of thing (Omnisphere is definitely not loaded).

Will let you know how I make out when I get home.

Are you certain that the arpeggiation isn’t coming from your Kurzweil?

Hi vic_france - quite certain, I powered it off and also did a complete reset on it, but I guess it is possible and will investigate it again.


Does it still happen if you open a new empty project, and start from scratch?

Yes, happens with both a new empty project or a previously saved project … I’m leaning towards my K2500. I do have a small Axion keyboard that I use occasionally for its pads and knobs. I’ll hook it up this evening and see if it still happens - if not, then that would pretty much say its the Kurzweil - yes?

Depends… do you believe in ghosts? :mrgreen: :wink:

Since Cubase Pro 8, yes …