Ghost notes (again!)

Hi. This follows on from this thread about events from beyond the end of truncated MIDI parts appearing in the next part: MIDI editing: notes beyond part boundary appearing in next part! - #4 by raino

Anyway, I have finally managed to recreate the problem and I’m wondering if this is just me or everyone else too. I’ve attached my test project and a screen shot of what I’m seeing.

To reproduce this:

  • Create an empty project containing a MIDI part with four different quarter notes.
  • Duplicate it (Ctrl-D).
  • Give the two parts contrasting colours.
  • Shorten the first part so that at least one event is now completely beyond the part end.
  • Move the second part till it overlaps the first.

What I am seeing here is a colour-coded combination of both parts, as you’d expect, except that the notes that you have just supposedly truncated from the first part are showing too.

Now try playing it back. I’m getting a truncated note! Now shorten the notes in the first part: it plays back correctly. Probably some MIDI interference but I’m not sure it should be happening - it’s a polyphonic preset.

I think, regardless of the playback issue, the final (truncated) notes of part one shouldn’t be showing at all, let alone seeming affecting playback.

I’d be grateful to anyone who can test out this behaviour. Then I’ll know if it’s just me…


MIDI Ghost Notes.cpr (95.0 KB)
MIDI Ghost Notes

Hi. Are you on Win10 and are you using two monitors?


There are 2 ways, how to cut MIDI Part.

Either you can use the left and right hot-spots at the bottom left/right corner of the MIDI Part and drag the MIDI Part. This is non-destructive cut. This means, if you drag the MIDI Part in the other direction after, you will see the MIDI Notes.

Or you can use the Split tool, which is destructive cut. So the MIDI Notes are gone.

See attached video, please.
MIDI Part (587.2 KB)

I’m not after help, I know how to do editing. I’m highlighting what I think is something that shouldn’t be happening. The note(s) beyond the truncated part shouldn’t be showing, don’t you think? And the playback is not what I’m expecting. I’m wondering if it’s just me or maybe just Windows, come to think of it.

For the record, I’m on Win10 and I’m using one monitor.


No, I don’t, because it’s specified like this. If you truncate the MIDI Part, you decided for the non-destructive editing. If you want to go for the destructive editing, use the Split tool, please.

I tried this, and it’s just as you say. The events show. If an event start is within the (newly defined) part it will play its full duration, no matter if the duration extends beyond the part border.

It is a bit surprising. While I seldom overlap MIDI parts, I thought that the overlapping events would be muted, or depend on the recording mode setting (mix merge, stack, replace, etc.). Not that it would be more logical, but that’s what I thought.

So this means that we have to use “Remove Overlaps” or split if we want to avoid having the events play, but that’s destructive too. I also checked to see if preference “Split Events” affects this, if maybe it would stop the note short, it does not.


Not for MIDI. This is true for Audio, but you can overlap MIDI Parts.

You mean it’s deliberate? Well, I have to say that doesn’t make sense to me but if that’s way it works then that’s the way it works. At least I have my answer now and that’s all I was after. Thanks.

This is logical enough for me and I’ve even relied on it, although sometimes I wish it would cut off! Can’t have our cake and eat it, I suppose :grin:

Did you get the funny truncated playback?

I’m not getting funny playback here, just the two notes (from the front part and the back part) playing simultaneously.

How weird, neither am I now! I was getting a truncated/skipped note when I posted. :thinking: Never mind…

That last note of part 1 not playing but still being visible perfectly illustrates what I’m talking about and in a more complex arrangement it’s downright confusing. We should only see what we can hear.

I suggest this is an undesirable feature: something is not taking part ends properly into account.

But at least I know why it’s happening now…