"Ghost overlap" for audio parts

This is something I could use quite often, because I often bounce synthesizer parts with longer release.

I call it “ghost overlap” and it would work like this:

Say, for example, you want to bounce a synthesizer part with a length of 4 bars, but including the release tail it is 5 bars. Of course you want to work on a 4 bar raster still, but you also want to hear the release tail.

So what I suggest is that you can set the “visible” length of the part to 4 bars but the “audible” length (which is only visible when the part is selected, semi-translucent or so) is set to 5 bars.

This would be helpful especially when integrating external hardware (like the Prophet 08) via multitracking into a project, right now I do things like that by having two alternating “source” tracks.