Ghost/Phantom notes from midi controllers - HELP


I use Cubase Artist 7.5 (Windows OS) with 2 midi keyboard midi controllers and things have been running smoothly till tonight. That is when I record I consistently get ghost/phantom notes. I’ve tried resetting the controllers, restarting Cubase, restarting my laptop, switching the A-B leads that power the controllers and I’ve checked all my settings in VST connections and Device Setup and it all appears fine.

I have attached a screenshot of the key editor after I recorded myself playing a chromatic scale with only one note at a time. It is clear on the image below that Cubase has recorded/impressed more than one note at a time.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated as I am at a loss for what else to do.

Thanks in advance!


Is the 2nd Note printed while playing the actuall one? Or is it printed after playing the next one? Is it the same, if you unplug the 2nd keyboard? Are you using some MIDI Inserts?

Hi Martin,

I’m not using any midi inserts. As for the other questions I’ll have to get back to you on those once I’m home from work.


The other thing which maybe of use is knowing if you have auto quant on.

It still happened if I unplugged one of the keyboards. What is weird is that it suddendly stopped happening and I have no idea why. Very strange!