Ghost Plugin

Hi, I downloaded some Slate Digital stuff that included something called Kilohearts which I have removed. However, when I start Cubase I get a message that a VST3 plugin (HeartCoreSlate) cannot be found. Once I OK that message, Cubase loads normally, but I really want to strop the error message. How do I let Cubase know that the plugin is removed and it can stop looking for it? . How can I stop Cubase from looking for this thing? I am using Cubase 11 Pro with windows. Thanks, Jay

On Mac the path is Macintosh HD, library, application support, kilohearts. There you should find the file with extension “core” to be deleted. :slight_smile:

On Windows I don’t know the exact path.

The first thing that comes to mind, is to make a rescan of your FX/VSTis installed (Rescan All button, on the right of the Search area, in the VST Plug-in Manager window), then close and relaunch Cubase.

After this… Are you sure that ‘Kilohearts’ or ‘HeartCoreSlate’ has actually been removed (a check in Windows Setup>Applications - approximative translation - could help) ?

Thank you very much. I have sorted it out. (By “I” I mean with some gracious advice from others.)