"ghost" popups appearing?

Hi, I often see some strange “ghost” popups appearing, like in these two examples where I keep seeing “Dorico document”. On other occasions I was seeing other texts…I. assume they are referring to some elements in the Finder, but I checked and there were no other windows behind the Dorico one.
Thanks and best

Screenshot 2023-02-18 at 16.11.55

Do you have any kind of screen reader software or visual impairment settings turned on? I use dorico on two different macs (one intel, one m1) and I’ve never seen this.

I have occasionally seen this on my Mac when I have selected an item on the Desktop and then switch to an application which is already open. When it happens, which is not very often at all, it happens so briefly that I have not been able to determine whether it is, for example, a particular sequence of events or the speed at which I have been moving, or maybe something else. Whatever the cause, it has never resulted in any damage to files.

I’ve been experiencing the same. Odd and sometimes confusing, but not really a Dorico problem (at least, the files are not affected).
I’d love to know where it comes from and how to make it stop. It’s as if the Dorico window were not there and some Mac pop-up help chimes in…

No. I’m on a M1 MacBook Pro 13, latest MacOs Vetura