"ghosted" notes in piano music

I have another case of Sibelius → Dorico transition question regarding something I used to accomplish in Sibelius using work-around hiding. Basically, it’s piano music, where I’d like a note to appear as a smaller notehead also with a smaller stem in rhythmic unison and with the opposite stem direction as the main note at that moment. It’s kind of like a grace note, but in my music, grace notes are of a different character. These are notes the player should sort of just barely “brush,” while playing the other main notes, and this is how I indicate it.

In Sibelius, I do this by making a 2nd voice, put this note in that voice, and then hide all the rests (and tuplets, if necessary) – see attachment.

What would be the way to do this in Dorico?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Just like sibelius. Input the main notes in the up-stem voice 1. Add a downstem voice 1 and input that particular note. Using the properties panel change it to grace or cue sized. You can then, with that note still selected, select the properties that sate “begins voice” and “end voice immediately” and all the rests before and after that note will disappear.

Thank you – this is very helpful and gets me most of the way there. The only issue in this example is, how do I get the tuplet in that other voice to disappear? What I’ve got is this, now.

Never mind, I figured that out!! Thanks again!!