Gigantic Left-hand panel items in Dorico 5.1.10

I couldn’t find this particular item when searching the forum but I’m fairly certain it’s been reported before. Forgive me for starting a new thread. In ‘Engrave’ mode, Dorico 5 (Mac OS 13.6.3) the left panel items are HUGE and non-responsive to mouse clicks. It’s not a deal breaker since I rarely use the mouse but it is somewhat problematic. This behavior goes away on restart but resurfaces at some point during a session.

After restart:

This problem has been reported before. So far as we know it affects only macOS, and only systems with multiple displays, and (we think) only systems with multiple displays where the pixel density of the two displays differs. You should find that dragging the project window from one display to the other and back again is sufficient to resolve the issue.

We believe the problem is a bug in the Qt framework resulting from the way Dorico is mixing different generations of their UI technologies within the same window, but the problem is hard to reproduce in a simpler test application, so as yet we have not been able to formally report this problem to their developers.

Thanks, Daniel! I only have one display (an Apple Studio Display - 27 inch – 5120 x 2880).

I will look for this as I have three displays with a 27" Studio Display in the middle and two LG 4Ks on the sides.

There are some issues that Apple has yet to iron out. Since they are unrelated to Dorico, no need to elaborate here. I’ve been to the Cupertino Mothership to demonstrate them to Engineering (I live about 5 minutes away).