GigaSampler Import/Conversion & file locations

I’m currently exploring the HALion 7 demo. I’m only 1 day in so hopefully this isn’t too stupid a question. Thanks in advance.

My #1 task is to make a large library of GigaSampler gig files useful again and so far H7 is doing a pretty good job. I’ve been able to import and convert a number of gigs and they seem to be working correctly. However it seems that the way H7 handles this data is to store the wave samples in a directory I chose initially and then create a small VST preset that knows about those samples. That seems pretty slick.

The problem is that now knowing that the directory I choose for the samples isn’t a good location for long-term storage. If I move the directory then H7 can no longer play the converted instrument. If I move it back it works again.

I think this must be a common issue as users have libraries that grow over time and need to be moved to new disks, etc., so how do I tell H7 the new location after moving the export directory?

I had thought, and still do I guess, that right clicking a program entry in the Program Table I would find some sort of Properties option but it’s not there.

Thanks in advance for any info on how to manage this.

Hi @markknecht ! I am not infront of a computer with access giga samples right now.
But in general, this information might help you: