Gigastudio Samples in Halion 4

Anyone have experience with using Gigastudio samples in Halion 4? If so, I’d love to hear whether or not you are happy with the outcome.

I have an extensive Gigastudio Library and have so far been able to use my GVI plug in instrument on my current operating environment. But since it is a discontinued product, that will not last forever. I also miss the editability of the original Gigastudio program that the GVI plug in lacks.

So I’m thinking about Halion 4 and wondering if anyone else out there shares my situation.


Works well on the older style Giga libraries (pre Giga version 4 I think), but not well on the later ones. Overall I think you would be happier using G-Player:

Thanks for the tip, but I’m afraid it came too late. But no worries. I found a new copy of H4 on eBay for the same price as G-Player and it works fine for me. But with the lack of activity here and the fact that no one bid on the copy of H4 that I got for a fraction of the price, it makes me wonder how long this product will exist.

By the way, jweisbin, I checked out your site and watched Logorama. Great film and great SD.


BTW, I searched for a long time for a copy of Gigastudio 4 for sale, and could never find one. I still have composers on GS3.

I’m curious to know how you guys are managing these patches, once imported?

The process appears straight fwd, a vst preset is created. But once I go back to the MB - I don’t find the patches?

I suspect that this may have something to do with the tag description? One is not able to create a new media library when describing the patch - I could only use the existing e.g. Halion 3 or Halion Sonic; but could give unique manufacturer name such as “Larry Seyer…” :question:

If you set the ‘Library Name’ at import it’ll be shown in the Instrument Set filter at the top of the MB. Whilst it at first doesn’t appear that you can set a new name (only choose from the existing entries) if you actually double click the space you can type a new library name (which will then subsequently be available to choose next time).

If you didn’t do this at import time, then assuming you can find your patches in the MB by searching, show the ‘Library Name’ header in the results pane, select all, double click and enter the library name.

Once done you can filter the MB to show just one library using the Instrument Set Filter, e.g. Larry Seyer Drums, and then search within those results.