Ginger Baker, a true sweetheart!


Ginger, ain’t he :slight_smile: !

Beware of Mr. Baker

Interesting character. I’ve seen the docu twice now, and it’s really hard to like him as a person. He’s had all sorts of misfortune in his life so I can imagine that makes you touchy, but it’s hard to tell how much he himself is to blame for that.

It’s quite clear this interview is genuine though, it’s definitely his style :slight_smile:

Ha ha, wonderful! Well, in my humble opinion, if our politicians were as honest and candid, we would all have avoided an awful lot of grief over the past decade. I wouldn’t see anything to object to in anything he’s reported to have said.

He’s got no need to be “nice” or to waste time with people who don’t even do basic research before interviewing him. As just one example, if I type “cream reunion” into Google, the very first hit that comes back is an article (in the same publication) where you can read that there were in fact seven shows, four in London and three in New York. Wouldn’t you imagine if you were given the job to interview a member of the band, that you’d at least get your facts right?


Seems the guy is indestructible. Loved “Beware Mr Baker”. Hard to imagine Cream was formed after the on-stage fisticuffs between Baker and Bruce in the Graham Bond Organisation.

Thanks for the link!

Great read… good on ya Ginger :sunglasses:

Poor ‘Clappers’, he was terrified of the other two when they went off, heh heh!