Give Edit Mode to Cubase

Ahhhh, thats really bad. Why did they include this feature in cubase in the first place when its for nuendo only?

Sorry if I repeat myself

I think in this day and age such a feature that any other DAW I know of has shouldn’t be left out of Cubase. Nobody I know of bought Nuendo instead of Cubase because of its edit mode feature. A frame sync editing approach should be a de facto standart in any DAW.
Logic does it, so does Studio One, Digital Performer, Reaper, Live.

I’m using video outside of Cubase anyways. As long as edit mode is enabled and it’s sending MTC I’m fine. Nuendo is not an option for me personally.
Workarounds are always involved in any creative area but disabling this feature just because somebody brought the attention to it would be a poor and disappointing statement from a developer like steinberg.

The good news is it seems pretty easy for steinberg to enable edit mode.

Maybe it’s time for a poll. Or just time to move on and get work done.

A poll would be great. I also don’t understand steinberg’s decision on this. It reminds me when cubase sx3 had an undocumented feature where you could setup rewire channels in stereo pairs and that was removed since cubase 4.
I hope steinberg reconsider their decision regarding the edit mode.


This is not a bug, edit mode is a Nuendo only feature.
I am moving this thread to the Feature request forum.

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I’m bumping this…

I moved to Nuendo because of this and many others features, Steinberg won for me… :cry: