Glass Tonewheels Program (patch)

My copy of Halion Sonic, version 1.52 x64 hangs after about 10 minutes when this patch is loaded. This happens when it’s running stand-alone or under Cubase 6.5. This is not happening with any other patches so I’m suspect of it. Has anybody else seen this?

I encountered the same problem last year. At that time, I reported it to General Support, and not Technical Support.
I was having some issues with registering products, so I could not report anything to Technical Support. I got no
feedback from Steinberg after reporting the problem. So, I found another patch to replace Glass Tonewheels, and
carried on with the business of making music. I had forgotten about it.

After reading your post, I tested Glass Tonewheels again, and the problem still exists both standalone and in all versions of Cubase 6.

I like the Glass Tonewheels patch, so I hope it is fixed in a future update.

Hi Guys,

I have tested this Preset now and can not find any issue nor in 32Bit or 64Bit.

In the HALion Sonic Options/ Disk Streaming please move the slider to the left/Disk.

Do you still have any issue?

Mark, I tried what you suggested, but it made no difference.
I will do some further trouble-shooting, and if I find anything useful, I will report back

Today, I installed Halion Sonic 1.60, and Halion Sonic SE 1.60.
This update fixed the problem I had with the Glass Tonewheel instrument.