Glide knob doesn't work as it shoud be! (Sampler track)

New day - new issue with C_PRO_10!

Look, Steinberg! I want to make a crazy glide notes with my 808, but your sampler’s glide knob is useless!
I just move it down or high, and it produce shitty glides! This doesn’t fits my production needs! I know I could do these thing with mod. wheel cc command inside key editor, but I don’t want to! I don’t need to waste my time drawing those lines!

Look, mates Could you make NORMAL GLIDE functionality in your SAMPLER TRACK?! Like it did Studio One and Frutty Loops!
Guys, your DAW use not only rockers that record their guitars, but also EDM/HH producers that need FRESH and FUNCTIONAL midi features!


As far as I understand, the Glide parameter sets just the slide time, the very same way, as the Portamento Time MIDI Controller. What is the difference, to set it once as a MIDI Controller, or here as a parameter?

Are you sure it sounds different, when you use the MIDI CC?

Sup, Martin!
Man, I can’t explain you properly. Look, if I draw for example a C note for one beat and then draw F note above this C note, it should slide properly (note C goes up to F note smoothly and returns back to C note at the end of F note)!

Look, Martin! Here is an example! Just click on link there is a timecode:

Btw, you could also hear there is a snare roll with pitch going from up to down! We talk how to do so in drum map here:

Have you turned on monophonic mode?

Hi, Manike!

Yes it’s an obvious thing, I know how to use sampler track! But it’s glide knob is useless. Try to do so by your own, and look how it will sound like! Just pick up any 808 sample and load up to sampler track, you’ll see then.

I think you need to explain your problem a bit more clearly. The glide knob is doing what I expect to do. The 808 sample slides from note to note and returns to previous note as expected.

Nope, not the way I expected that. Try to add low notes instead high notes, you’ll see then. Those glides notes should jump up when you draw a little note on top of your main note. I had attached an example above on youtube, try to listen. You can’t produce that type of glide note in Cubase’s sampler track. In FL and S1 I could do this, but not on Cubase, I don’t know why. I do exactly the same steps: load up 808, turn on mono, turn up a glide time, draw the notes and nothing cool is happening.

The trouble is that the sample is retriggered each time when you glide up and it resets down again.

Try turning off mono mode and enabling audiowarp and enabling the Legato button - it will be closer to what you want and stop the retriggering, but maybe a little glitchy unless you can ensure that you only have a slight overlap of the notes to minimise glitches.

There is another option in that you can use the pitch envelope (Little icon near ‘pitch’) to make glides for each note that you press, but probably won’t give you the results you need as it’s envelope based vs note - but it’s quite a cool effect.

Really though, you probably need to use another sampler to get the smooth results you want if audiowarp legato doesn’t work for you.

Portamento can be somewhat complicated when in mono mode, especially in the case where you play one note, then play and release a second note while sustaining the first note.

Typically, the way this is handled is the way Cubase’s sampler track handles it: you get a glide on both the trigger and the release of the second note. However, I’ve also seen instruments where only the trigger gets the glide. For example, Ableton Live Simpler calls the behavior you find in the Cubase sampler track “glide”, but it has a second mode called “portamento” where you only get the glide on the trigger.

It would be nice if the Cubase sampler track also had that second mode, but I wouldn’t call the current behavior wrong :slight_smile:.

Well it’s wrong as to what the user wants and doesn’t offer a solution. The customer is always right, even if they’re doing EDM. hah :slight_smile:

Grace is a free sampler VST that has a legato mode with glide:-

I would recommend that as an alternative.

Oh, the joke of a day! LOL! Well, if EDM is not music, why do you use your PC then, your DAW etc.?
I’d recommend you to record your live instruments on a tape and print on a vinyls after that - as an alternative! =3

Thnx 4 plugin btw.


AudioWarp Legato is doesn’t work for me too, it produces not that type of effect.
Also tried pitch envelope - quite interesting, but I can’t control the key of a tune - it’s totally out of key

Ok, why FL and S1 implemented this features so well and Steinberg’s doesn’t? Have no idea. I just want to do those things simply without any complecated tricks. Why they added this sample track if it does not offer this so simple feature that other DAWs already have? Damn, Steinberg just copy that! LOL!

Well, I wouldn’t call it a simple feature :slight_smile:. It’s a subtle variation on the glide feature that is present, but yes, I understand your point that it’s useful and other DAWs have this feature. Unfortunately there is no workaround and I’m pretty sure Grace doesn’t do what you want either. I’d suggest posting a feature request for this. When you do, this is such a subtle feature that you’ll have to be very specific about what you’re asking for.

It’s not a subtle feature that needs explaining though, it’s massive in EDM/Trap genres. - Everyone wants 808 glides right now. I’m not massively into the genre and even i know this is a big requirement. For most people that have been producing music for a long time it’s just a sine wave with portamento, but this latest trend is manipulating 808 samples with glides that don’t cause the sample to retrigger… I guess using a sample gives it a slightly harder/glitchy sound as it’s manipulated - i’m old school and would just reach for a synth. :slight_smile:

Whoever at Steinberg is working on the sampler track instrument needs to be aware of musical trends and requirements - isn’t a big concept of sampler track to provide more tools to the EDM crowd? It’s not a multi-sampler for piano/orchestral usage, for example. And out of the few controls available glide is quite prominent.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what he’s asking for. I didn’t think he was asking for an 808 glide. I thought he was asking for a change to the glide, not a change to the mono mode. I call what you’re describing “legato solo” in Omnisphere, and yes that is a common feature. My apologies if I misunderstood.

Did you listen to the provided youtube link higher up? Was sick bro!! :slight_smile:

If you listen to that, you’d understand what us hip and cool dudes doing EDM want, anyway, i’m off to smash my guitars and bang some Class A in anticipation of the weekend, catch yo l8aterz homeyz!

I can’t top that, so I won’t even try :slight_smile:.

Glorian_Gray, assuming skijumptoes is right, when you write up your feature request, leave out everything you said about glide. The problem isn’t the glide. The problem is there is no legato option for mono mode. That’s why the people who initially replied didn’t understand you.

Hi there! Thank you for such an accurate explanation! This is exactly what I’m suffer from with sampler track!

“…is manipulating 808 samples with glides that don’t cause the sample to retrigger…” - I can’t get the mechanic of this feature in sampler track, this confusing me. You mean, when sample been triggered for the first time it goes up from one note to another for example, and it retriggered one more after it goes down?