Glide to current automation & Fill selection

  • Is there anyway to Fill selection instead of Fill loop when automating in Nuendo?
    In Pro Tools HD you can nicely select an area of audio, punch and write automation to it. But in Nuendo it gets awkward that you have to loop the area that you want to punch automation to! What if I don’t want to loop that part or move my loop locator?! What is your workflow for doing this sort of automation in fast way?

  • Is Glide to current automation feature available in Nuendo? In Pro Tools HD you can change parameters of plugins, volume, pan & … then punch it somewhere further down the track in such a way that previous settings would smoothly change to the current settings on parameters that you’ve already punched, they simply glide from previous setting to the current setting in some sort of linear fashion. Is this feature available in Nuendo?


Is not it possible to do Glide Automation in Nuendo? No workaround which is not time consuming?!

Check the automation settings panel return time.

Return time returns to a previous setting. What if you want to glide from a particular setting to something else? Forward time?! Nothing like that exists.
I guess there are no workarounds.

Yes, keep missing this feature in Nuendo, unless I haven’t found it…
The return time setting does help, but is not as flexible. Setting it to something like 300ms does help in a mixing pass when you stop after an auto latch. But it’s difficult to change the value constantly. Or if you select a range and drag level/up down you end up with sharp edges where return time doesn’t come into play.

Would really love to have the ability to select a range on the automation lane and have it do a linear interpolation between the beginning and end of the range. Sometimes it’s ok to use the pre-configured return, but sometimes it would be nice to just select a different range and vary it based on context. Fiddling with individual keyframes is way to time consuming in that scenario when you work on a long-form project.