Gliss from End of Measure

I want to enter a string of tied whole notes, which gliss to a lower not from the end of the last measure. Whenever I try to add a gliss, it attaches itself to the last note, and I can’t see a way to move the start point of the gliss so it is at the last beat of the measure. When I try to use a dotted half not tied to a quarter note, the two notes get combined to a whole note. Suggestions?

Dorico doesn’t currently support showing glissando lines that don’t end on a note: it sounds like you want a kind of fall, from the last note but to no indefinite pitch?

If so, you might want to try using a Shift+X text item with one of these characters?

Thanks Daniel. Sorry to show my ignorance here, but how do I use these in Dorico?

Copy the symbol you want to use from the website Daniel linked to. Then while in write mode, select the note you want it attached to and hit shift+x. In the top right corner you see something like “A| (None)”. Change that setting to Music Text and then paste the symbol. You can change the size to whatever you want. Switch to engrave mode and manually move the symbol to where you want it.

As you can tell, this is a workaround that will not be needed when jazz articulations have been fully implented.

Thanks. Got it.