Glissando Across Barlines

I’m trying to notate a glissando that goes across the barline to a note that is not on the downbeat. (I’ve attached a lousy photo of what I mean.) Does Dorico have this capability yet?
2017-03-11 20.34.17.jpg

Yes, this is possible. [To anywhere in the bar]
(An interesting observation: I just imported a MusicXML file with glissandos from Finale. The gliss’es didn’t show, but as soon as I attempted to add a gliss in Dorico, all the glisses in the file magically appeared :slight_smile: )

Dear ChrisM,
Just click on the first note, cmd-click (or ctrl-click on PC) the second one, apply glissando in the tr menu (right panel in Write mode) and that’s it!
Capture d’écran 2017-03-12 à 10.03.07.png

Yes, that gets the glissando across the barline, but now I’m stuck with a rest at the beginning of the bar, as in the attachment. What I’d rather have is a stem with no note that the glissando goes through. Is this possible (yet)?
Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 11.58.13 AM.png

Yes, but you must hide the notehead(s) with a color change. Works ok although it smells workaround :slight_smile: