Glissando Across Barlines

I’m trying to notate a glissando that goes across the barline to a note that is not on the downbeat. (I’ve attached a lousy photo of what I mean.) Does Dorico have this capability yet?

Yes, this is possible. [To anywhere in the bar]
(An interesting observation: I just imported a MusicXML file with glissandos from Finale. The gliss’es didn’t show, but as soon as I attempted to add a gliss in Dorico, all the glisses in the file magically appeared :slight_smile: )

Dear ChrisM,
Just click on the first note, cmd-click (or ctrl-click on PC) the second one, apply glissando in the tr menu (right panel in Write mode) and that’s it!

Yes, that gets the glissando across the barline, but now I’m stuck with a rest at the beginning of the bar, as in the attachment. What I’d rather have is a stem with no note that the glissando goes through. Is this possible (yet)?
Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 11.58.13 AM.png

Yes, but you must hide the notehead(s) with a color change. Works ok although it smells workaround :slight_smile: