Glissando durations and end notes

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry for my many posts, I’m rather new to Dorico and as a former Finale user (decades!) I’m having difficulties finding everything I need.
Right now I’m trying to notate glissandi.
See below an example of what I think is the most clear way of notating them.
(From an old Finale score…)

As it turns out I can’t even manage to extend the glissando line over more than one note in Dorico. This default notation doesn’t work for me because the gliss is supposed to begin immediately:

Screenshot 2021-02-06 at 21.46.04

…not on the last beat of the measure.
I know I can make the note head transparent, but that doesn’t really help.
The ledger lines will be visible and still the glissando line will begin too far on the right, also the tie etc…

Any help would be great!



PS: Also, I’m a big fan of beams instead of flags.
Any hints as to how to achieve notation like in the above example?

I started typing an answer and then realised quite how lengthy a reply it was going to be. There’s a Youtube demo on the way in a few minutes - bear with…

edit: apologies for poor audio quality - my decent mic and interface are in use elsewhere.


That is so helpful! Thank you so much for doing this!!!
I will have to rewatch this a couple of times now :slight_smile:
Really nice of you!