Glissando key command

Hello forum,

I would like to add a key command for inserting a glissando but I cannot find ‘add glissando’ in the list of actions in the ‘Preferences/Key Commands’ section. The only action I can find is ‘Filter/glissandi’. I might be missing something simple as I am very new here.

Also, is it possible to edit the default parameters of the glissando? I would like to make the default as ‘no text’ and the scale slightly larger.

Thanks in advance!

All options for glissandi would be in Engraving Options (probably ornaments).

You enter a glissando using the ornaments popover. Type “gliss.” There’s no single key command option for this. To make this a single function, you would need to create a macro using a third-party software.

Sean has judged the situation correctly. You cannot currently set a glissando to show no text by default in Engraving Options. This is something that was on my list to suggest here one of these days as well.

As for the thickness (which is what I presume you mean by scale), I can’t recall off the top of my head either, but it should be found in Engraving Options, yes.

Thanks Dan! This is perfect. Still getting to know the popovers

I’m quite happy (ish) to clear the gliss. text so as to get just a line - what I’m not happy is that if I clear it on the score, it doesn’t go through to the part. I have entered lines in a piano part in a concerto to show where the melody line goes, specified no text in the score - why on earth would I then want the gliss text in the piano part? This is such a bind - I find this many times - something I’ve set in the score - square brackets round an accidental perhaps, I move it carefully so it’s round the relevant note, but it doesn’t go through to the part. Propagate properties, is it? I have to do that for everything? What’s the logic behind that, I wonder. It’s very time-consuming, and I’m left wondering what I’ve missed.

So select all in the score and then Propagate Properties when you’re ready to work with the parts.

Do you know why it doesn’t do that anyway? (I thought Dorico was meant to make things easier, not give me more things to remember to do.)

Propagate Properties was introduced as a stopgap measure - before 2.1 (IIRC) it wasn’t possible to copy these sorts of changes from one layout to another, at all. One day it’ll presumably be superseded by something better.

Search the forum for “propagate properties” and you’ll find plenty of discussion about it.

Assign it to a key command (I did Ctrl-Alt-P) and just get accustomed to adding it when you modify something via the properties panel, or in Engrave mode. Or as Leo says, wait until the end and do it in one fell swoop.

Dorico doesn’t do it by default because we have, in general, erred on the side of giving you the maximum amount of freedom to format material between the full score and the instrumental parts differently as we can. As far as we can manage it, we don’t want there to be a situation where you have to end up exporting a particular layout as a separate project in order to get the appearance you want because we didn’t allow something to be overridden on a layout-by-layout basis.

However, the flip side to this is that we also need to make it possible for you to say up-front that you want a particular edit to apply just to the current layout, or to apply to all layouts, and that’s mostly a challenge from a user interface perspective. It’s something that we’re certainly going to be working on in the future. In the meantime, Propagate Properties allows you to copy the appearance of (more or less) any item to all of the layouts in which it appears.

OK, but when I last looked (it may have changed by now?), there was no facility to draw a line, such as to show the link between melody notes that cross hands. So I use gliss without the text. And I have to remember that for every wretched line, I must Propagate properties. Solution for that one is to have the option to have an actual line that isn’t a workaround from something else. Please tell me it’s there and I haven’t found it yet! :slight_smile:

It’s not there yet, but of course it is something that we plan to add in due course.

You don’t have to propagate properties one line at a time. Select them all with Edit / Filter / Glissando lines and then propagate properties.

Or just select the whole flow, unless there are some other properties that you don’t want to propagate.

OK, thanks. That could be useful. I’ll have a look at it.