Glissando line at page turn

This seems to be related to a number of other issues with lines crossing a page/system boundary.

I have a harp glissando that happens to start in the last measure of a page, and continues to the 1st measure of the next page.
The beginning of the glissando line appears fine.
The problem is the end of that glissando line… it’s entirely missing from the 2nd page.

is this a known bug? or an issue with how I am trying to input the glissando?

if I keep both start and end notes of the glissando in the same staff (either upper or lower), then the line appears as it should.
however, if the starting note and ending note are in different staves, the line does not appear in the next measure.

I’ve attached an image.

(For previous discussion on this topic, see Mike’s Facebook post here)

(sorry, I forgot to link back to FB)

This is indeed a known limitation at the moment (our ref: STEAM-10079). It’s not currently scheduled for anybody to work on, but I agree that it’s something that does definitely need to be addressed in the future.


ok, thanks.
I guess I can live with that tiny bit of line missing in the orchestral score. It’s sadly at an impossible spot where I can’t move measures around to alleviate the problem.
But at least the harp part itself is fine.