Glissando line text - could we get "gl." as an option?

I’m working on a piece with a ton of glissandi, so I thought Dorico might be the right tool. I’m struck by the limited options of text on a glissando line (gliss., port. or nothing). If the line is long enough, “gliss.” is great, but how about “gl.” when short?

Given that there are that many as you said, do you need the text after the first time at all?

Yes, I know, but I believe my point stands that more options would be useful. (Or just let Dorico be smart enough to shorten “gliss.” to “gl.” when necessary.) Even if I’m only talking about the first glissando line, it would be nice to have “gl.” since it is a short one. And yes, I could input it as Shift-X text, but then it won’t match the slope of the line (since we don’t have access to text rotation), nor will it be as well-positioned.

Let’s pretend for the sake of argument that I’m engraving a piece for 50 independent trombone parts and they all have one short gliss. line that needs “gl.” text perfectly positioned. and aligned.

Of course, that’s a very valid point. :wink:

I remember a thread where someone else already asked for this. Daniel responded that they are thinking of enabling the user to input an alternative text. Somebody might need something like “gl.” or “slow” or “late”.

Oh okay. I did a search through the forum but I must have missed it.

It would be nice (in this, as in so many things) to eventually get control over the defaults in addition to (eventually) allowing individual overrides. Dorico’s defaults can be so good some of the time—while overriding items one-by-one does not feel particularly sustainable over the long haul (especially considering the Properties panel isn’t controllable by keyboard shortcuts).

…And these lines are useful for a host of other things too…