Glissando notation

If I wanted to abbreviate “gliss.” to just “gl” in my score, how would I go about that? I’ve poked around the program a bit but no luck…

I understand that there are the three text options if you want to use the default glissando, but assume one could make a new type of line where it just has the text “gl” instead.

Thanks in advance for any responses!

It’s gliss., port., or nothing at the moment. You could use “no text” and then use Shift+X text for “gl.”, but you don’t have the tools to rotate Shift+X text. Custom Playing Techniques aren’t much good here either, because there isn’t an option for text to be positioned in the middle of a Playing Technique line.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Thanks Pianoleo, that’s actually doing what I need it to–appreciate the help! (Now if only it would play back as a proper violin gliss!)

You can select de gliss line and in Properties activate “suppress playback”; then, in Play mode, open the automation lane and in MIDI CC select Pitch bend. There, you could tweak it to sound like a proper violin gliss.

Thanks for the suggestion! Let’s hope they build that in for the next iteration since it’s such a fundamental playing technique.