Glissando stem guides

It would be great if Dorico had some intelligent way of adding rhythm guide stems to glissandi so that they are always following the angle of the glissando and are as close to the line as possible.

If you add the stems as regular notes with hidden noteheads if the score has a different glissando angle due to spacing or system breaks the stems look wrong in the part. Also every time you change the ending notes of the glissandi you have to repeat the process from the start.

Another problem with regular stems is that the Engraving Mode doesn’t let us tweak the notehead side of the stem so they can’t be moved manually.

I could try to utilize lines somehow but I really don’t want to deal with them since they cause a lot of collisions which are another huge annoyance in Dorico currently.


Yes, I agree that it would be good for Dorico to be able to handle this kind of thing more automatically. It’s on our backlog for possible future implementation.