Glissando text positioning flexibility

This is a bump from a post from many years ago concerning glissando text. I’m currently in a similar position to the below thread where a lack of independence of the “gliss” text and the gliss line is creating collisions in my notation. I know I could work around this by eliminating the “gliss” text and potentially adding my own separate text to position independently. Gliss is central to my work and is in practically every measure, making it cumbersome.

Small use case for sure versus other likely important things, but if an overhaul of how gliss notation is handled is at all in the works for future, consider more flexibilty of the text positioning independent of the line position. If nothing else, an “above” and “below” toggle would be better than nothing.


I would also appreciate knowing whether there is any flexibility for positioning the ‘gliss’ text.

There hasn’t been any new functionality in this area since Mendel’s post in September last year, I’m afraid.