I am so glad that it’s finally possible to get at decent notation of glissandi, where I don’t have to tweak every glissando line to make it look ok. But when fiddling around with it I got stuck on one little conflict in the program.
Is it possible to notate this? The upper notes, the two G’s, are fake-tied together with a slur since I can’t find out how to tie a half note to a quarter and still have a dotted half note in another part.

(I’m sorry for all stupid questions… :open_mouth: )

/ Mats

You can use the Force Duration function in the notes toolbox to force Dorico to notate as you wish.

Beware that if you use this, Dorico cannot renotate your music in future if you copy/paste it elsewhere.

I wish glissandi play sound correctly, and it doesn’t. I know that the team is working fixing the bugs in playback so hopefully they’ll fix this (at least, initially, for HALion)

Glissandos don’t play back at all yet, in common with ornaments (trills), playing techniques, grace notes, and a good many other things. We will definitely work to improve all of these areas of playback over time, but please be patient.

Understood. I just want to remark that, for me, the capability of playing is the most important thing. More important even than speed performance!

Playing techniques ,articulations, glissandos… the correct playback of everything is my biggest interest with Dorico. I’m going to go as far as to say that I’d pay again for Dorico if the playback was perfect the next patch!

I’m saying this to give you an idea of my personal priorities, hoping that this is the same priority for lots of people (I’d like to put this very high in the priority list!). I understand that you’ll decide what is better for the majority of us, so I just wanted to insist in what’s more important to me.

If I have to remember what every individual user’s personal priority list is, it’ll be like going to the bar trying to keep drinks orders for hundreds of people in my head in order to buy the most complicated round in history…

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That’s when software enters the game, to track that kind of things :slight_smile: For instance in my company we use Jira, Salesforce, and other tracking systems to handle the lists of customer feedback and interests as well as bug fixing, new features and so on, so we can prioritize in our products.

Or it is possible to use a cheap Notepad to keep all of those drinks organized, no need to “remember” :wink:

Well, whatever, I had to be clear in my priorities and interests, I think that for every company is good to know what the interests of their customers are, to be able to manage everything.

Don’t worry, we have plenty of software to help us manage our prioritisation. Thanks for outlining your own priorities. Of course you should continue to do that, as should everybody else, but I am inevitably going to be thinking of things in the aggregate.