Glissandos in Dorico 5.1.10 work well

After updating to Dorico 5.1.10 we got quite well working glissandos - using NotePerformer4’s sounds.
My music is “traditional” in its style so I basically need just normal string and trombone glissandos.
The “auto” setting is fine but I also went to Library > Playback options > Glissando lines and set on the Delayed start. I like that more, just enough time to hear clearly the starting note.

Thank you, this was an important improvement!


I agree. I don’t think I’ll ever use Sibelius again, now that Dorico can perform glissandi.


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I came from a long long path with CodaMusic which became Finale. Started with them in the early 90s and saw it develop to a good engine - but in 2018 I changed to Dorico. Finale was very slow with a bit more of lyrics to be calculated and the PDF page turns weren’t the same I had adjusted them to be - and the sounds were not always the ones I had picked.
I got good customer support but Finale started to feel like built version on top of version and not cleaned up from the start.
From the first days with Dorico I always got good advice and solutions to problems that were under planning to be fixed. Like this glissando!
Soon 6 years with Dorico - time does fly!

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