Is there a way for me to tell Dorico to have a four-measure gliss without there being notes or rests in the middle two measures? I can input the four-measure gliss, but when I don’t have notes in the middle two notes, Dorico inputs rests automatically.

Tick the Ends Voice property on the first note that starts the gliss.


Perfect. Thank you!

Just be aware that if you switch to the part (where there are no other staves active in the system), the spacing might look awry; with no rests in the bars, Dorico has nothing to space with, so the middle bars might end up looking very narrow. You can adjust note spacing in Engrave mode to widen them if necessary.

I prefer hiding the rests by making them 100% transparent, by adjusting their color property. This preserves Dorico’s automatic note spacing in the part layouts.

Interesting. Thank you!

Also, is there an option in Elements to have a gliss without an ending pitch?

No, glissando lines have to have a start and end note. You could instead use one of the available jazz articulations? (in the Ornaments panel on the right in Write mode)