Glitch in Hihat sounds

Hi, not sure why I have noticeable glitches in sound of hihats from almost all the pre made patterns in groove agent. i noticed it has noticeable glitches specially when there is CC 4 foot expression maped-in. but why is start happening lately and not before few weeks ago?! can’t get the issue resolved. does anyone can help ?

Check what effects you might have added. I’m pretty much new to GA and not too well versed in the app. But I had added a compressor or limiter to my Stereo Out and for whatever reason it was cutting off my hihats. Once I removed the effect everything went back to normal.

Hi Easto, That wasn’t solving the issue in my case. but that could be causing some problem too.

I recently tried GA5 again after a long period of not using it and i noticed that, too. I realized that it happened less with the Vintage Kit and more often with “The Kit”. I am not too familar with the CC stuff on HiHat, but apart from the kit itself i got it fixed when using the Foot Button in the HiHat menu of the Kit and setting the Modd Wheel in the center instead of having an extreme setting low or high.

Probably somthing with the way the HiHat Pedal behaves via CC has been changed with the last update, i assume.