Glitch in playback

Hey, everyone. I’ve been getting a glitch regarding playback, where the cursor and the transport stop as instructed, but playback continues until I mouse-click somewhere on the score. I haven’t been able to isolate any steps towards reproduction, and it’s not always there, but it’s quite persistent. Is this familiar to anyone else?

It’s not something I have experienced myself or seen any other reports of. What playback device(s) are you using?

I’m using four instances of Vienna Ensemble 6. It’s not quite lag because Dorico responds normally in all other areas, but it does seem like the sequencing continues. I do believe I saw MIDI coming into Vienna normally, but I’ll check again if/when this ever happens next.

It seems this will be one of those that will be impossible to isolate or reproduce, but I’ve come across it on two or three days and so I wanted to see if anyone else was affected. I’ll try to come back with more information.

I did run into that bizarre behavior once a few days ago.
In a new project (Dorico 2), once I started playback, I couldn’t stop it no matter what I tried to do: clicking onto the transport buttons, tapping the space bar, clicking outside Dorico’s window, it kept playing until reaching the end; and it did it every time until I re-started Dorico.
While it was a single incident, during that particular session the behavior was 100% persistent.
I’m on Mac OS 10.13.4; using default playback settings.
Should it happen again, I’ll be inquisitive :slight_smile:

I’ve had exactly this happen once or twice in the last week. I’m using 1 VE Pro plugin and 1 VE Pro Event Input plugin.