Glitch / Spikes during Live Recording on Nuendo Live 2

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Greetings to you all from Indonesia.
I am having trouble in Live Recording using Nuendo Live 2 using Win 11 Laptop, as shown in the attached files…I tried switching between Laptops using Win 10, the problem did not exist. I am using this Live Recording in conjuction with Yamaha TF1 Mixer on Channel 1.

No spikes or dropout on any other channel.

I used different Microphones AKG , Shure SM58, and the problem is still there on channel 1 . Even with the microphones being off and recording blank inputs, the spikes still there.

What could be the cause ? Compatibility issue with Win 11 ? Cabling Problem ? Noise problem ?

Any clue would be appreciated.

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The only time I remember seeing these sorts of spikes is when the clocking between the computer DAW and the interface is not 100% good.

Check your interface cable between the laptop and the converter (TF1 mixer). Maybe that cable is not 100% good.

Thank you for your feedback noeqplease…but using same cable but different laptop on Win 10 did not create the same problem…could it be Win11 compatibility issue ?

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I will try to record it on iMAC, do you think they have the driver for iMac ?

Maybe… or maybe the laptop has some hardware issue.

Yes. You can use Core Audio drivers and see how it goes.

Maybe you have already resolved this, but I’ve encountered this issue on W10. The problem seems to be that MS Windows is not a real-time operating system, interrupts, such as from the arrival of ethernet packets over Dante, are not necessarily handled immediately. They can be scheduled for processing at a later time. MacOS on the other hand is based on the BSD Unix real-time operating system and it handles interrupts immediately.

On a fairly fast i7 processor I can hear glitches during playback of 48-track recordings on Nuendo Live 1. On a 2013 iMac (and newer models) its rock solid in the same scenario.

I am however having issues with Nuendo Live 2 not bringing in audio on an iMac, but that’s a different issue.

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