Glitch / Spikes during Live Recording on Nuendo Live 2

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Greetings to you all from Indonesia.
I am having trouble in Live Recording using Nuendo Live 2 using Win 11 Laptop, as shown in the attached files…I tried switching between Laptops using Win 10, the problem did not exist. I am using this Live Recording in conjuction with Yamaha TF1 Mixer on Channel 1.

No spikes or dropout on any other channel.

I used different Microphones AKG , Shure SM58, and the problem is still there on channel 1 . Even with the microphones being off and recording blank inputs, the spikes still there.

What could be the cause ? Compatibility issue with Win 11 ? Cabling Problem ? Noise problem ?

Any clue would be appreciated.

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The only time I remember seeing these sorts of spikes is when the clocking between the computer DAW and the interface is not 100% good.

Check your interface cable between the laptop and the converter (TF1 mixer). Maybe that cable is not 100% good.

Thank you for your feedback noeqplease…but using same cable but different laptop on Win 10 did not create the same problem…could it be Win11 compatibility issue ?

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I will try to record it on iMAC, do you think they have the driver for iMac ?

Maybe… or maybe the laptop has some hardware issue.

Yes. You can use Core Audio drivers and see how it goes.