Glitches at the beginning and dropout at the end when using external FX on clips in montage

Windows 10 user, wavelab 11 up to date

When i export songs from the montage with external FX inserted on the clips, there is a glitch at the start and it cuts off the end of the song (especially if there is no silence after the last beat of the clip, then it cuts / silences the final 2 seconds of the song entirely)

Please help me find a solution to this, it leaves wavelab totally un-usable for me during mastering with hardware

Cubase doesn’t have this issue

thank you

I’ve seen numerous reports of this, but I can say that simply recording from a Reference Track back in to a new Audio Montage Track rather than use the External FX plug-in doesn’t have this issue.

I never really understood the appeal of the External FX because don’t you have to render it somewhere and than deal with (or at least consider dealing with) any noise floor and final heads/tails to digital silence?

Did you try External FX without any other plugins involved in the render path? I suspect that some plugins with higher latency/DSP are the cause here.

External FX as clip effects behave better without other plugins in the clip.

Yes, this is likely part of why I subconsciously never really used or cared for the External FX plugin.

What does work is putting plug-ins on each clip placed on a Reference Track, playing that track out to one (or more) stereo outputs that feed my analog chain, and then recording back in to a new track.

You can even monitor through a reference limiter (and other processing if needed) via the Montage Output section and then fine tune it before doing the final post-capture renders after the song or songs are cleaned up, sequenced, etc.

I never understood blindly rendering to some location via External FX and then calling it good, or having to load the files back in to a new montage to clean-up/fine tune, etc.

Regarding using external fx on the clip without other plugins, this doesn’t solve the issue if the audio starts at 0.00, i still get glitches on the first kick or dropouts on the last:

this isn’t really a solution (or acceptable) that a professional mastering program can’t export a song with plugins and hardware running at the same time without regular random glitches and dropouts, just seems bizarre and it would be amazing if there was a fix for this because stability is crucial.

There is no issue doing this with Cubase so it’s not an issue of CPU.

It would be really good to have a fix for this in wavelab 12. Thank you!

your workflow makes sense, but the issue for me is i prefer to audition with plugins on the clip after the external FX plugin while working, to see how things break apart and react when i hit into a plugin clipper, saturation / limiter etc, so i get a feel for how it will sound completed… and also get a feel for it in context of the completed album

then i turn off the limiter etc on the original mix and i capture the analog bounce, and then paste the (post external fx) plugins from the original clip onto the captured bounce to continue to mastering and clean up the file and finish the process.

That’s not really possible with your suggested method

If External FX on the clips worked well this would be perfect, but it’s pretty much un-usable unfortunately, unless there is some hidden setting that i missed or something