Glitches/Errors in Halion Sonic Se 3 Playback

I am trying to play back a melody with an alto sax vst instrument from halion sonic se 3. It plays fine if there are no staccato or marcato articulations. When I add them, it plays an unexpected and disturbing noise each time it plays an articulated note in playback. Please look into this, I do not know the extent of the problem.

Would you please post an example project? Thanks.

Welcome to the forum, grantryan. I wonder whether possibly you’ve somehow ended up with the wrong expression map chosen in the Endpoint Setup dialog? It should be ‘CC11 Dynamics’. You can find information about the Endpoint Setup dialog here.

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I am struggling about the same problem… can you help me out?

Welcome to the forum.
It would be easiest if you go to the Play mode and choose from the menu Play >Playback Template and in that dialog the for you appropriate template

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Low rumblings in playback are most likely Midi keyswitches, normally not heard as they are outside an instrument’s range, but becoming audible when the wrong expression map is assigned. As mentioned above, re-assigning your playback template will probably solve it.

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Or, if you want to continue using the sound you’ve chosen, go to the Endpoint Setup dialog and set the expression map for the channel into which you’ve loaded your preferred sound to Default.

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I am sorry for my late reply.
Thank you very much for your help. I am going to check my Midi switches and Endpoint setup immediately.
I’m afraid since my first language is not English, I am not sure if I can understand your replies…
Is it possible to see how to “re-assigning my playback” in detail? Of course I’ll search it by myself but if you have any suggestion, I would like to know.
Just in case, I put a video which shows how the error occurred.