Glitches with Render in Place / Track Export with some Kontakt instruments

Hi everyone,
I’ve just run into a really weird issue:
I’m just trying to transition from the composition to the mixing phase of a song and so I started rendering all Instrument Track events in place.
This worked fine for some instruments, but there is some weird behaviour with some tracks, in this case it’s Spitfire Union Chapel in Kontakt 6.
Even though the instrument plays back fine, the rendered audio files sound super glitchy, notes just cut out at random, or whole chords are just not sustained for the duration of the midi notes. Lowering the buffer size seems to slightly alter the extent of the problem but not fix it. When I export the whole project, everything sounds fine, but exporting individual events or just the track in question again produces the same issue. Some other Kontakt instruments seem to work ok which would suggest that it’s not a general problem with Kontakt. At the same time, as I said, it works fine when rendering the whole project or playing back live and only occurs when rendering in place or individual tracks/events.
Does anyone more knowledgeable here have any idea what might cause an issue like this or how to fix it?

I’m running Cubase 12.0.40 on Mac mini 2020 in Rosetta mode.

Thanks everyone!

Did you get anywhere with this?, I need to Cubase I’ve been rendeing hundreds of kontakt patches over the Month or so and I’ve just started running into the same problem, seems to be certain patches in kontakt bit of a disaster, as I render everything before I mix. I have contacted Spitfire Audio so let’s see what they can come up with I found two of the main patches I use a lot I have this with.

Spitfire Audio symphonic strings ensembles
And Albion One Darwin percussion ensemble
Addict Drums of the deep - Deep Bass Drum 7M

Very odd !

Logic renders the, fine

Here a thread I started before I spotted you one.

Hello, did you find a solution to this? I’m currently facing the same problem too. While playing back the midi, it sounds just fine, as soon as I render it to audio, notes would cut off at random or it would have cracks and pops in between randomly. I have tried every single render settings and it’s still the same. None of my other VST’S seem to have a problem with rendering, is this a kontakt or a Cubase bug?