I have just upgraded my PC to Windows 7 and am now getting glitching when playing back audio. Audio plays then after a few seconds stutters then carries on, then after a few more seconds stutters etc. I have tried adjusting latency and have the optimum setting for Cubase selected.
I previously had Cubase 5 installed, upgraded to 5.5 and now have Cubase 6 with the latest update. All versions glitched.
I am using the Steinberg/Yamaha MR816x and this worked fine on Cubase 5.5 before the Windows 7 upgrade.
Does anyone have any suggestions for settings that might be affecting this?
Many thanks.

In device manager, try and change your 1394 firewire driver to the included ‘legacy’ one.

As well, do you have the Steinberg power profile selected to be used in Device Properties of Cubase? If not, that should be enabled.

Are you on the latest drivers for your MRX816x?

Thanks, I saw the legacy drivers thing on another post about a Focusrite unit. Haven’t tried it yet. I’m on the latest MR816 driver though. I’ll see if there are any other other ideas and then try that. Appreciate the quick response.

Sorry, forgot to say that I am using the Power option.

I’ve just tried the Legacy Firewire driver option and it hasn’t solved it unfortunately.

Are you, by chance, using a laptop?
The reason I ask is because is with a 64 bit OS (if you just upgraded from 32) will push the system harder and cause more heat which will cause throttling and produced the stutter effect.

Hi, I have now a little experience on this issue.
Try this :

Then run it for ten minutes and report us the “absolute maximun” latency value registred. You can get best performance from Cubase (lower ASIO buffer) if you are always in the green zone…

When the test is running, for real result you should make the normal activity on your PC (mailing, internet surfing, and so on)

Let us know your results…

Well yes…if you want to know how the system responds while doing things you definitely WOULDN’T do during an audio session!

If you get glitches, Rule 1 is still to pull the network/Internet plug and turn off all unnecessary programs.

I use C6 with no problem, low latency, with everything enabled. I can do everything witn my PC while running C6 project… So it is not a general rule. C6 works fine on a good PC where everything is well tuned, with no limitation ! :wink:

Anyway just for test purpose it’s better to see what happen on normal activity at first… Then he will start to disable everything till getting best performance… This is the rule…

First, thanks for the replies on this one. :smiley:
The answer was simple so I’m kicking myself!
I had a wifi card installed when I had the PC upgraded and had downloaded Windows Security Essentials. With both the card disabled in the devices and the security software removed, all returned to normal. Just disabling the internet connection to the wifi router didn’t do it. I suspect it was the security software though, rather than the wifi card.
Anyway, once again, thanks for the responses.