Glitchy audio when exporting WAV from Cubase

SO when I export a cubase file as a WAV. file there is glithcy and crackling audio. What might be causing this?

It might just be the specific cubase file, but I would hate to have to recrate a whole song from scratch because it is corrupted somehow…

Okay so I just tried exporting the audio with a different cubase project and there were no issues, so there is something wrong my specific project file. The only thing I can think of is that I imported a midi file, copy and pasted them onto new instruments (I couldn’t figure out why but the midi files wouldn’t let me choose from the complete list of VSTs I could only choose from like 50 or so things for some reason), and some other tracks that were associated with the original midi tracks (some kind of folder or something I don’t know) I kept those and tried to reorder them around the new tracks. I hope any of that made any sense whatsoever, but basically I moved tracks around that I didn’t know what their function was so maybe that is the cause of the issue?

Hi @McKajah_Johnson -

I wonder if you are going higher than 0.0 dBFS in your master/stereo out, so clipping it. That can cause glitchy and crackly audio, even if the file/project is not corrupt.

To test this, you could try pulling your master fader way down plus disabling all plugins in the master/stereo out then re-exporting to see if that makes a difference.

Or maybe easier, make no changes on the fader or existing plugins, but instead add the Steinberg “Brickwall Limiter” plugin on the last slot of the master/stereo out channel , set the max out to -5 dBFS, then re-export to see if that makes a difference in glitches and crackles.

If it does, your bad sounds are because you are too loud coming out of your master/stereo channel, and you are getting digital distortion. Lots of ways to address that, including the above.

If it doesn’t … more troubleshooting ahead! :slight_smile: