Glitchy Cursor

I my Cubase project (I’m using the latest version of Cubase Pro) I’m having a “glitchy” cursor, it seems it goes like step by step… even in play mode, not just recording. Also, the numbers in the time code or seconds display are not fluid, they look jerky.
The sound is not affected, I can play the instruments… but I cannot record in a proper way, cause of the cursor.
I am using a very very large template…(+2500 trakcs among midi, instruments and so on), so do you guys think I am running out of RAM?
Or is it something related to graphic issues?
Thank you!


I think it is Graphic issue, try to hide all your tracks or keep less than 10 tracks visable and let us know whether the problem persists or not.

thanks for your reply.
The problem persist, even with 0/2795 tracks visible, in other words even with no tracks visible.
But in other projects with much less tracks it works properly :-/