Glitchy window positioning on macOS


I don’t understand how the window positions work in Nuendo 11.0.40 on macOS.

If I have a midi event in the project window and open that in a separate Key Editor window, that window will have a certain placement (I will call it “original position”).

Then I move the Key Editor window to wherever I want it to be. If I delete the midi event in the project window, the Key Editor is closed (which is by software designed flawed, but that’s another thread).

Now if I add a new midi event, open that, the Key Editor is back in the original position.

It doesn’t matter if I store the position in the workspace. It will still be back in the original position. When I recall the workspace, it’s moved to the corrected position.

SOMETIMES. I have certain workspaces that it will pop-up in the correct position. Some workpaces not.

Can someone explain please how this works? I can’t see any logic to this behaviour.